Frontier the card game


     Do you got what it takes to become the fiercest gunslinger west of the Mississippi? Then saddle up and pull out Frontier the card game! At first glance Frontier looks like a relaxing game that you can pick up after a long days work and play with any and all family members. Lets see how it all pans out.


     Setup is probably the hardest part of this game. You must pull out all of the cards and arrange them into different piles based on what category they fall into. This task is made all the more difficult for the fact that there are no dividers for the cards inside of the box. I am sure that the packaging came down to budget, and for what they had… they did a fantastic job! After you get all of the cards into their categories, the gameplay is smooth, fast, and all around fun!

     There are two phases on your turn. The buying phase, and the action phase.On the buying phase you will have the option of spending your silver dollars and buying from a multitude of items. You can also use your ration during this time to heal up your stamina. During the second phase, You will then draw 1-4 action cards (depending on what your notoriety is) and play them accordingly.

Buying phase                                                                                                                                      You can buy any of the following items. Six shooter, repeating rifle, holster, rations, horses, and bullets. All of these items are VERY important.

  • Six shooter/repeating rifle- These fearsome weapons are what you need to enter combat. Remember to not forget bullets as well!
  • Holster- dictates how many guns you may carry.
  • Rations- Used to fight critters and increase your stamina.
  • Horses- Used to flee combat.
  • Bullets- Used during combat to defeat enemies.

     You will also be able to sell these items.

Action Phase                                                                                                                                      During the action phase, You will draw cards from the action deck according to what notoriety level you are at. There are five different levels. Base level, 1 card. Rebel, 2 cards. Gunslinger, 2 cards. Outlaw, 3 cards. Desperado, 4 cards. Once you draw the cards, you will have to deal with the consequences, from duels all the way to calamities. Most of the cards are pretty cut-and-dry. Either you get items or you loose items… sometimes nothing will happen! But most of the time, you will end up in a fight!

Combat                                                                                                                                                 When a duel or a cridder card comes up, that is when you are going to have to pull out ol’ Bessy (… your gun) and give em’ a taste of lead! You will need to expend a certain amount of bullets or rations to defeat your enemy. The number is shown on the enemy card. If you have enough, turn them in and you will get bounty points along with a chance of getting notoriety, silver dollars, and supply items. If you don’t have enough bullets, you can expend horses to flee the fight. If you don’t have horses, you will have to sacrifice stamina. Once your stamina reaches 0, you will be joining Davy Jones… oh wait… 

     After you complete both phases, your turn is over! Make sure to keep your notoriety up so that you get to draw more cards in a turn! Once all 9 duel cards are defeated, the game will end. The game also ends if all other players are dead. At that point, everybody counts up their bounty points which include, notoriety cards, supply cards, bounty cards, and stamina and whoever has the most, wins!



     It may be hard to learn the first time you play, and the packaging isn’t the most convenient in the industry, but I truly had a blast playing Frontier the card game. I am super excited to see what Meet Me at the Table Games creates next and in the mean time, will continue enjoying having my butt kicked out… in the Frontier!

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     I also want to add a BIG thank you to Meet Me at the Table Games, the creators of Frontier for reaching out to me and making this review possible!

Frontier the card game








Family Friendly



  • Easy to sit down and play at anytime
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Doesn't take complete concentration


  • Box packaging
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